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Stripes & Lace

One of my favorite outfits for our Mexico trip was this one right here!! This off the shoulder top is so comfy and on trend. I love lace so lace AND stripes? Yes please!!

I'm going to be honest, the shorts are awesome but I ordered them a size too small!! :-/ And Vici is great about returns but I fell in love with them before I realized I needed a size up so I've had to make do with the whole hair tie around the button idea to make them work.

Now on an entirely different note... THESE SHOES!!!! :-D Yes, I know, they're adorable. They're a pastel lavender/pink which makes me SO happy because they match up to anything Spring!! If I wear white, they're great. If I wear pink, they almost look pink. If I'm wearing purple, they look a little lavender. I've never had a boot that works so well for Spring!!

Here's another snapshot and I'm putting the link at the bottom of the page! ;-)

Don't ask about the sunnies because I don't know! lol! I'm not a designer sunglasses kinda girl because I lose them, sit on them, drop and scratch them I'm just not into spending money on something I'll have to buy again in two weeks!! :-D So these came from Marshalls for $5.00! ;-) (and I couldn't tell you where they are right now)

Hope you're all ready for SUMMER!!!! :-D I AM!!!!!!

Blouse: Papaya | Shorts: Vici Collection | Boots: Rebel With Cause

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