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Our Anniversary Getaway!

What an incredible way to celebrate our fourth anniversary and kick off an exciting NEW chapter of life!! We had so much fun on our 10-day Puerto Vallarta vacation and it’s impossible to share ALL the things but here’s a little recap of our trip! ;-) I’ll share details on where we stayed and our favorite activities for anyone who’s considering going!

I had been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico twice before for mission trips, so I was familiar with the area and culture but had never done the fun, tourist activities that most people come to “paradise” for!! :-) So this was my first time actually going into the tourist areas as a tourist!!

For the first 5 nights we rented a villa at the Quinta Maria Cortez. This was the view from our villa - it was so beautiful, quiet and quaint which was exactly what we wanted for the first half of our trip! We had an entire pool and hot tub to ourselves along with a kitchen, living room and dining room area. Cook to order breakfast was included every morning except Sundays and it was AMAZING!!

Swimming with the dolphins ranked #2 on my list of favorite activities!! It’s been on my bucket list for a while so it was pretty surreal finally getting to pet, kiss, dance and swim with a real dolphin!!

One of those once in a lifetime kind of experiences that you’ll always treasure but don’t really have to do again.

This was one of those "grit your teeth and don't look down" kinda experiences!! LOL!! I have sensitive feet so it was all I could do to keep still and not splash all the fish out of the water!!

The #1 favorite thing for BOTH of us was right before this photo was taken - the couples massage!!! was worth every penny!! We went to the Garza Blanca Spa Imagine for ours which I'm sure is why we had such a great experience. After our massage there was a swim area with several different types of pools and hot tubs to swim. It was so quiet and peaceful and the views were incredible.

After that we did something I would NOT recommend! LOL!! We went four wheeling!! I know right? After an amazing, relaxing massage of course you would go four wheeling in the dirt filled mountains of Mexico! Everybody does that! lol!! :-)

Later in the week we went fishing with two of the local fishermen. I think we caught about 10 fish? At least 10... enough to be proud of!! ;-) It was an all day affair out of the boat and I was happy just to be out on the water. I left the fishing to the boys and worked on my tan ;-)

For the second half of our trip we stayed at Amapas 353 #502 - which I found on Air B&B. It had a more contemporary feel with stunning views from every room and a rooftop infinity pool/hot tub.

I think we could've lived in that rooftop pool...

...or maybe we did! ;-)

Well there ya have it!! I'll post outfit blogs soon! ;-)

Deanna L

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