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ALL the Spring Feels!

With Easter just a couple short weeks away I thought I'd share this beautiful maxi dress with you!! This year I'll be out of the country for Easter, Lord willing, having Easter Sunday on the beach with the love of my life! ;-) So if I slip on my Easter dress it's probably just going to be for a moment and then back to soaking up the sunshine!!

But if I were going to our traditional Easter Sunday service as usual, this would be my pick!!

I love the almost sheer long sleeves, especially for these spring days when we're not really sure what to expect from the weather.

The print is so dramatic and it's hard to tell in the photos but the dress has a mint green hue to it. So pretty in person.

And while the skirt it may look sheer in the photos - there is a short built-in slip! ;-) So there ya have it!!

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