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Birthday Boy Turns THREE!!!

HE'S THREE!!!!! Ahhhh I was in tears this morning remembering when he was born and the very first time I held him and looked into his eyes!! How the years fly by!!

He's so much like his daddy!! From the way he wakes up first thing in the morning ready to start his day to his BIG smile and the way he walks. ;-)

Right this moment he's still in bed but there are birthday BROWNIES (yes, brownies for breakfast :-/) on the stove waiting for him and a BIG DAY of fun ahead!!! :-D

First things first, we'll hit the park. A few weeks ago we went to Monkey Joe's for an afternoon and he was in heaven so we'll be doing that and if daddy can get a break in work we'll hit the zoo and see all the animals!! <3 Bryce is going to love Kasen's birthday too! :-D

Well, I better go wake him up with an exciting HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and tell him all about why today is special!!! :-D He has NO CLUE all the fun he's in for!! :-D

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