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A Weekend in Kentucky

With two and a half days to enjoy - I opted for less time on the road and more time relaxing! My parents live in Kentucky so it just made sense to let the boys spend the weekend with grandpa, grandma, aunt and uncles while I took Brandon on a little romantic surprise. :-) Our first night was at Maple Hill Manor Bed & Breakfast in Springfield, Kentucky!

Maple Hill Manor is such a beautiful, peaceful B&B - it's impossible to be stressed on a farm like this! We stayed in "The Honeymoon Suite" and in the morning we took a walk out to see the Llama and Alpaca's.

Breakfast was a wonderful spread that looked like it took hours to prepare! But our sweet Inn keeper told me her secrets and shared some of her recipes with me - tips for a quick, easy breakfast that gives the impression that you've been slaving away over a hot stove!! ;-)

Our second night was spent at Willis Graves Bed & Breakfast in Burlington, Kentucky! Here I spent a little more time preparing a romantic evening for Brandon. He only had to sit in the car for about 15-20 minutes while I tossed rose petals on the bed, filled the hot tub and added rose petals, poured sparkling apple juice into wine glasses, turned on some music and made sure the chocolate cake was ready! :-)

He walked into this room where the fire was going and cake was waiting for him (yes, we had cake RIGHT AWAY!!)

The sparkling apple juice was the perfect touch!

The bedroom was simple but SO comfortable! We slept VERY well here!! Between losing an hour with the time zone change AND losing an additional hour with daylight savings happening this night we slept in a little longer than usual!

We woke to an incredible "cook-to-order" breakfast served by the lady who owns the inn. Breakfast was perfection! After breakfast we stepped out on the back deck to take in the beautiful morning view.

Both of these B&B's were perfect for what we needed! Peace, relaxation and a historic touch! :-) We love visiting unique places, meeting the inn keepers and hearing their stories. You can read more about each B&B by clicking the links below! ;-)

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