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Reflecting on Six Months as Mrs. Tennessee Int'l 2016!!

Wow - I can't believe I'm already half way through my year as Mrs. Tennessee International 2016!! Six months ago this photo was taken with my handsome husband right after the crowning moment!! Since then we've expanded our ministry to women and girls struggling with severe life traumas through "Beauty Unveiled", taking beauty events and workshops to girls homes and abuse shelters in cities across the region.

Curling hair, doing makeup, nails and watching the girls light up after their makeovers has been such a wonderful thing but then following it up with a workshop that goes beneath the surface, talking about TRUE beauty and how to overcome life struggles... it's all been SO rewarding.

From Nashville to Memphis, Knoxville to Atlanta, Georgia, Kentucky and in a couple weeks we'll be adding Alabama to that list! God has opened SO many doors for our ministry with women and girls and being Mrs. Tennessee International has truly made me a better person. It has made me reach outside of myself, outside of my comfort zone to talk to women about things that matter.

Yesterday on my way to church there was a lady selling newspapers on the side of the street. I felt the Lord prompting me to pull over and ask her if she wanted to go with us to church! She said YES!!! She jumped in our car and enjoyed church with our family and ever since my heart has been in a place of service, the Lord has used me in spontaneous ways like that, that I couldn't have imagined.

We're only half way through the year and there are so many things on the schedule for the next six months - I'm SO excited to finally announce that we're taking Beauty Unveiled events to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February!!! Years ago I went there on missions trips with my family and the Lord put it on my heart to go back and minister to the women and girls there who live in and around the garbage dumps outside the city.

I don't think I fully understood what God was up to six months ago, or even a year ago when I felt led to compete for the state title! But I'm already SO blessed and can't wait to see what He has in store for the next six months as He prepares the next Mrs. Tennessee International 2017! (and yes, we are praying for the Lord to prepare the next Mrs. Tennessee!) ;-)

Thank you for supporting, loving and following me in my journey over the past years!! It really does mean so much to me and keeps me going when times are tough. Love you all!

Keep Smiling! ;-)

Deanna L

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