Christmas 2019

This Christmas has been so magical I couldn't possibly capture it all in photos or video. Christmas Eve started off by opening their stockings first thing in the morning! I love doing that because then they have all day to appreciate their smaller gifts before getting into the big ones. They played all day, baked cookies for Santa, put out carrots for his reindeer and then dressed in their pajamas to go to our midnight Christmas Eve Service at The Church at Lockeland Springs. They did so good during rehearsal and even during the service they were awake for about half of it. At around 11:30pm they were both laid out on the front pew asleep. :-) Uncle Mark and Superman carried them out to the

Rustic Meets Haunted

Ohhhhh the joy. Have you ever had a great idea that seemed so simple in your head, but executing the idea in real life turned out to be an entirely new dimension of crazy? That was this door for me. So the story began in Delaware in my father-in-laws barn. We were in town for their wedding and Superman was building new barn doors for him. I was snooping around, providing moral support, exploring the attic and all the old rustic barn coolness and fell in love with this door. They were going to use it for the wedding as a backdrop for photos but said we could have it after the wedding! **cue the happy dance** We loaded it up in the truck and took it on the 12-hour drive back to Tennessee. Then

Gettin’ Cozy

It's that time of the year! We're all SOOO excited for Christmas to come and are counting down the days! :-) We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family coming in from Kentucky and the day after Thanksgiving went on our annual tree hunt to find the perfect real tree. We used to go on a trip to a cool tree farm to cut our own tree and come home with an oddly shaped resemblance of a christmas tree. Nowadays Lowes & Home Depot are the extent of our tree hunting expedition lol! Faster search, better looking tree. That weekend I had a ton of sewing work I was finishing for a client and Superman was getting stir crazy with the long holiday weekend. He took the boys to the store and next thing I


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