Sailing the Southern Caribbean

Cruising is a wonderful way to explore the islands. Sure, you don’t get to really saturate yourself in the culture, but even if you’re not big into the idea of cruising it’s a great way to visit a lot of places in a short amount of time to see where you might want to visit for a longer period of time! We love it because it’s an easy way to travel multiple countries without having to put the kids through a dozen plane rides, taxis and hotels! They love the kids club that Royal Caribbean offers and they like having dinner together with the same waiters each evening and a “home” we come back to every night. Those simple consistencies during our travels mean so much to them and make the vacation

Adventures in San Juan

After spending nearly a week total in Puerto Rico I realized that it needed it's own separate blog post! It really was like two vacations in one because we spent 4 days in Puerto Rico, then 7 days exploring the caribbean islands and then came back for 2 more days in San Juan. We stayed in an Air bnb in the Ocean Park beach area, which was a great place to be!! Actually we were initially in a different air bnb, about 4 blocks from the beach but the noise at night was too much! I'm not even going to link that place because I can't recommend it to anyone. While it was aesthetically cute, the night life just steps away from the home was insane. Thankfully we had booked a different Air bnb (link

Vacation Prep Part 2

We are down to the final moments before take off and that means suitcases are out, packed and the final things are being added as we remember them! On instagram stories a couple weeks ago y'all asked for packing details, so here they are. I have to tell you, I'm super basic! ;-) Packing Details: This trip we're only taking 1 checked bag and 4 carry-on bags. I totally have been using the Marie Kondo folding method for years when packing suitcases but didn't even know it! Now after watching her show this year we started using her method for all of our drawers too. When you're fitting a 12 day wardrobe into one carry-on there's really no other way to pack! Even if you're not squeezing all your


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