Vacation Prep Part 1

Preparing for our vacation is one of my favorite things besides the vacation itself!! From the time we decide to go, the preparation begins whether it's two weeks away or two months away, my brain kicks in high gear. So I'm going to share my little secrets about what the early stages of planning look like for me! The obvious things are choosing the destination, booking the flight, researching hotels or air b&b's and looking at transportation options. Superman is WAY better at this part!! We both generally decide on location and the overall plan, but then I leave it to him to find the best deals. He scours the internet for days and sometimes weeks researching deals, reading reviews and planni

Making A Caribbean Vacation Dress

I'm beginning a journey of making a dress for each vacation I take throughout the year! So this is dress #1 of a brand new series! :-D Hopefully you can ignore the major dust bunnies on my office floor (thanks to my cute moroccan rug that sheds like crazy) and focus your attention on this DRESS!! I got the pattern idea from a two piece dress I found online but the crop top alone was $363 retail!! Who knows how much the skirt was :-o so that's when I decided I would make it instead - and since yellow is my color this year (thanks Bethany for influencing me :-P) I went with a yellow/white polka dot fabric. I just happened to have a break between sewing jobs which helped me finish it in just a


Places - they're so much more than a geographical location. For each of us they tell a different story :-) This Valentines Day I surprised Superman a little early with a map of Dover, Delaware - the place we shared our first kiss!! We first met as kids (I was 5) and went to the same church until my family moved to Kentucky when I was 12. In 2011 when Superman and I started dating, I was living in Nashville and he was going to school in Delaware. I surprised him that summer by flying in and showing up to his school to pick him up! I guess I should've expected that would win a first kiss! lol! ;-) Just a couple days ago the map came in the mail! I couldn't wait till Valentines Day to show him


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