Another Lesson in Trusting God

They said the hardest part would be when they wheeled him away from me, down the hall to surgery. Sure, that wasn’t the easiest thing but I think the hardest part was waiting in the waiting room, imagining what part of the process he was in and how it was going. As much as I trust God that He was guiding the doctors hands, it's still hard to wait and stop thinking too much!! haha! Just a couple days before we left for our cruise in April, Kasen had been playing outside and we noticed he had a pretty large bulge in his lower stomach. By the next day it was gone but I took him to the doctor anyway, they did an ultrasound and sure enough he had a hernia! I was shocked that it was even possible

The Perfect Father's Day Gift: A Wooden Watch

I don't know about you but when it comes to finding a gift for Superman, I get a little caught in routine. It's so much harder to shop for men than it is for women! When I found these unique wooden watches, I was sold. :-) Not only do I love the unique wooden design but the fact that they have custom engraving made it that much more special. I was able to put my own little love note to him on the back of his watch - which was such a romantic surprise for him. This is one of those gifts that become a family heirloom - definitely not your typical men's watch! He generally wears it for church, date nights and special occasions and keeps it in the box it came in (which is also engraved with the

Our First Family Cruise

Have you ever gone on vacation and then come back completely exhausted? Like you need a vacation from the vacation?! :-/ Well, I try to avoid that happening!! So when Superman wanted the whole family to vacation together and visit 3 countries I started to worry that we wouldn't actually be able to relax. He researched all the different ships (since the one he and I had gone on before was pretty small) and decided on the Royal Caribbean, Allure of the Seas. It's their second largest ship and ended up being the perfect family experience!!! There were SO many areas created just for children and their Adventure Ocean program for kids is complimentary (if they are fully potty trained) and allowed


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