Celebrating 29 on the Beach (Part 2)

Day 3 was magical!! We headed straight to Posies Flower Truck in St Petersburg and put together the most gorgeous bouquet! We have a similar flower truck in Nashville called Amelia's Flower Truck so I was pretty excited to find one near Tampa!! Posies was parked at an adorable little boutique, so we explored a little before heading back to the beach. At that point we were starving and I'm not even going to hide it, I shamelessly ordered a cheeseburger and French fries from the walk up lunch stand on St. Pete Beach. :-) Not my typical order but I was too hungry to care! We sat on the beach and Bethany helped me make a flower crown. She filmed a DIY tutorial too - which I will be sharing with

Celebrating 29 on the Beach (Part 1)

What better way to kick off the last year in your twenties than on the beach, soaking up the sun?! That exactly what me and my friend, Bethany set out to do this past weekend! We stayed with my adopted parents in Brooksville and on our first day we went to a small beach called Pine Island and did exactly what the photo shows me doing lol! Sat on our bums in the sun and chatted it up!! :-) That night we had dinner with friends at The Rising Sun Bistro and sang a couple songs. The next day we headed straight to Clearwater Beach for lunch! We had turned on the radio to a Spanish station and it put us in the mood for Mexican food 😂 After lunch we went to Honeymoon Island. I'm not a big fan of b


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