Hiding "Summer"

I love taking summer dresses and turning them into Fall/winter looks too!! This little number is a dress I bought last season for the Mrs. International pageant week. It's sleeveless but the color is perfect for any season!! Just throwing on a suede jacket and some cute boots makes it look like it was made for Fall! Take a peek in your closet and see what pieces you already have that might be able to make the season switch!!! With a scarf, jacket or boots you might be surprised what new outfits you can put together without even spending a dime!! Dress: Venus   |  Jacket: Zaful  |  Boots: Rebel With Cause Photo Credit: Bethany Davis

Candy Minions

This was our first time doing anything special for Halloween as a family and it was so much fun!! As many of you know, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday and while that hasn't changed, the idea of dressing the boys up has haunted me every year because I wanted an excuse to dress them up so bad!! Lol!!! This year I finally talked to Brandon about it (since we hadn't really discussed it before). I wanted to make sure we were on the same page and that he knew my heart was just for us to enjoy the family fun parts of celebrating US, friends and getting to know the community! That's exactly what we did! :-) As we walked the street of a safe, well lit neighborhood, knocked on doors and b


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