A Fall Tablescape without Pumpkins

Hey there! We are Casey and Savannah from Hey Wanderer, and we are so excited to be sharing our last brunch with y'all! Deanna is one of our friends from church, so we are happy to be able to be a guest blogger here today. We recently had some church ladies over to brunch and get to know each other a little more, so we of course wanted to have a Fall theme. We love pumpkins for decor, and we did it last year. Our coffee table even has some right now, BUT this year we wanted to try to not use them in a fall tablescape. There are so many great fall things that get lost while the pumpkin remains the poster child for Fall. I know, I know, not using pumpkins is almost like not using Christmas tre

The Perfect Pumpkin

This season is so much fun with the boys being this age!! Seeing their eyes light up over the different pumpkins, the colors, the decorations, it makes it all new and that much more exciting for us. :-D We still have corn maze and apple orchard on our to-do list, which I know they'll love! But so far they're enjoying all the changes and especially the leaves!! :-) It's such a privilege to be the one giving them their memories and all the cozy feels I want them to remember for years to come. I mean, I guess that's all their lifelong but each season is a nice reminder. Being a mom is awesome like that! ;-) Deanna Photo Credit: Bethany Long Photography #pumpkinpatch #nashvillepumpkins

The Farmers Table - Douglasville, GA

This past weekend we drove down to the Atlanta area and I sang at a car show in Douglasville, GA! We arrived on Friday night and had dinner at the mall next to our hotel but on Saturday after my performance we got to explore Douglasville a little and I found my happy spot! :-) The Farmers Table supports local farmers by selling local produce when it's in season and handmade products, jams, etc. Everything is SO fresh!!! Fresh bread, fresh salads (our lunch on the way home) and omg if you've never had Peach Cider, it's a must try when you're in Georgia! :-) Of course we couldn't pass up the homemade chocolates either.. you're not human if you can avoid homemade chocolate. Even found a couple 

The Simple Life

No matter how advanced technology gets or how sophisticated our lifestyles become I think deep down we all long for simplicity. When I first moved to Nashville I lived right on music row! I was so excited to be in the city, in the middle of all the action, lights and busyness. Here I am 10 years later buying our first home and the top things on my home buying list was clean, fresh air, a yard with trees and a quiet, safe street... :-) A cabin in the mountains or a beach house may not be on your list but maybe you just want your family to get along or just want to be healthy again. Whatever it is, those simple things in life make everything else seem like noise in comparison. I'm learning how


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