Snag Some Sweaters!

Shockingly, Tennessee has had some cooler mornings and I'm LOVING that!! It's definitely not sweater weather yet but it's got me thinking about the Fall weather right around the corner so this week I'm sharing a couple sweater steals I snagged to stock up for Fall! ;-) This one is normally $79 and was marked down to $18!!! Of course it sold out SO fast - BUT I'm sending you over to their sale sweaters because there were other options that I would've chosen in the clearance section and you might like them even better! These jeans usually make my legs look longer - something about the way I'm standing this this picture actually does the opposite but I'm linking them too! Vici generally keeps t

Summer White

I love a good white dress, especially for hot summer lunch dates or in this case, an evening out for BBQ! :-D Now don't laugh too hard about the white dress for BBQ - I just realized the only reason I got away with that was because we didn't have the kids with us. Lol!! Believe me I would've had BBQ sauce all over the place otherwise! Can you believe Summer is already almost over?! Im trying to enjoy these final chances to wear all the cute summer stuff AND planning how I'm going to pair my summer outfits with transitional pieces so I can wear them into the Fall season! We still have a couple months where we can throw on a cardigan and call it done, right?! 😉 Or the sweaters with cutoffs -

Keepsake Jewelry

I'm not an everyday jewelry kinda girl. I don't wake up and HAVE to have my earrings in but I definitely enjoy jewelry here and there. What I've been loving recently is simplicity. Pieces that can go with multiple outfits or even just at home in a t-shirt. I found Bip & Bop on Instagram and discovered that they personalize these simply beautiful pieces!! I love the white marble because, well, I've been using it here and there in my home decor and love it. The gold bar necklace has "Kasen & Bryce" inscribed on it, which I absolutely adore because it's just the way Kasen says it when they look at photos "that's Kasen (then he pauses) & Bryce!!" ;-) it's one of those keepsakes I'll cherish fore

A Moment in Time

If you know me, you know that I love visiting historic spots and enjoy old mansions, log homes and cottages. One of my favorite places to come when I first moved to Nashville in 2007 was Belle Meade Plantation. I used to come and play the harp for a small farmers market out in the plantation barn, believe it or not! :-) Right out by the stables! Great memories and wonderful friendships were made. I just went back and snapped a few photos here at the cabin in my favorite summer/fall transitional dress!! Seemed like a perfect fit. ;-) Dress: Vici Collection  |  Boots: Rebel With Cause Photo Credit: Bethany Davis

Summer Florals

Say no more!!! Summer and flowers are my favorite. I just discovered that the huge tree outside my bedroom window blooms with these huge purple/pink blossoms and it's kind of making my life!!! :-D I'm so excited about a lot of the trends we have going on right now - flower prints and grey included. Brandon thinks I'm a little crazy for wanting to do grey in the kitchen and living room AND dining room (that was actually going to be overkill so can't blame him) so I decided to just keep it contained in my office with grey office walls with pink and white accents. But when I found this dress I did a happy dance. Grey with pink flowers - thank you very much!!! Dress: Windsor Store  |  Boots: Reb


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