DIY Magnolia Market Cotton Wreath

Happy Saturday!! I just thought I would share my very first tutorial with you ;-) I LOVE Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna and their Magnolia Market. So when I share this with you, it's out of a love for their style mixed with an appreciation for saving money and being a thrifty DIYer!! If you don't have a Hobby Lobby in your area, I'm putting the links here so you can order everything you need online! ;-) Cotton Garland | Hobby Lobby Grapevine Wire | Hobby Lobby 12" Wire Frame | Hobby Lobby Also putting the link for the original Magnolia Market Wreath in case you wanted to skip the DIY and just purchase it ;-) Magnolia Market Wreath Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! Filmed & Edited by

Historic Beaumont Inn

Just wanted to do a recap on our impromptu fourth of July road trip to Kentucky. Brandon came home from work the day before, looked at me and said, "do you want to drive out to a B&B in Kentucky for the night?" Of course I never say no to a road trip!! :-D Plus, the B&B he was talking about was the historic Beaumont Inn, which I played the harp at countless times as a teenager before moving to Nashville. So I had lots of fond memories of this place already! We hit the road about an hour later, took the boys to stay with Grandpa and Grandma and headed off to our little getaway at the B&B. I LOVE historic places so I was already in heaven but waking up to a southern cook to order breakfast jus

Spin Worthy <3

I'll keep it simple and just say, you know it's good when you have to spin like a little girl!! :-) This dress is on final sale at Lulus right now and I snagged it for Fall (although I've already worn it twice so clearly that can't be entirely true). Dress: Lulus Final Sale | Boots: Rebel With Cause | Necklace: Daisy Designs Photo Credit: Bethany Davis

Date Nights & Ruffles

I was looking for the perfect date night dress. I've tried to keep my tradition from when we were dating where I would go get a new "date dress" every so often to surprise him in. This one grabbed me with the color and then once I saw the ruffles that was it! I paired it with one of my favorite Rebel suede booties. You get 10% off if you use my code: DLOVELAND at checkout! ;-) Now that we have two children it can be difficult to make time for REAL dates. I say real because we get family dates a lot or nights at home when the kids maybe go to bed early.. but the "go out and have dinner alone together" dates are harder to come by! :-D So when we do get a chance to have a real date, I like to h

Putting First Things First

This morning I woke up in my normal fog through hazy eyes, stumbling around while Superman got ready for work. I've never been a morning person and I'm not sure that will ever change even though I get up early with him!! :-) Superman on the other hand, IS a morning person! He wakes up at the crack of dawn even if he doesn't need to and starts shuffling around while I lay there like "why?!" Lol!! But I can't sleep without him anyway so I get up and start our morning routine which usually starts something like this! Coffee brewing, Bible reading and reading our two daily devotionals together. For over a year now we've been reading from the same two... we really enjoy them. The one is called "

CMA Fest Recap

My absolute favorite thing about our city is that music is our heartbeat! We do a lot of things well but no where else in the world can you find a music community like ours!! When I first moved to Nashville CMA Fest meant money!! I was a broke musician and singer/songwriter so thousands of fans coming to music city for a week meant I could get a gig doing something to bring in some cash for rent! :-D Then after about 4-5 years it turned into the one week all year that I wanted to get OUT of town!! Lol!!! I would plan a vacation or out of town gig that week just to avoid all the crowds and traffic!! Lol!! After almost 10 years now my perspective on life, love and this town has totally changed

Being Best Buds

These two!!! :-D They make my heart skip a beat. We've been learning a lot the past few weeks about sharing, asking forgiveness, forgiving and loving each other despite our shortcomings. I say "we" because whenever they're learning something, I'm re-learning it too! Maybe in a different application but you get the idea. Kasen turned three March 27th and he's talking much clearer, putting together incredible sentences (that truly take me by surprise sometimes) and coming out of the blue with statements like "I love you". He also recently warned daddy when he came home from work that "mommy looks scary"! Lol!!!!! The ONE day I decide not to do my makeup! :-P He loves getting up early, having s

Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal

We just purchased our first home last month and before we even moved in I decided that our bedroom would be ALL white. I knew it was going to be a challenge but thought it'd be fun to play with texture instead of color. I had no idea how much my husband and I both would love it!! It's so bright and clean and if I add ANY color it pops like crazy! I can't wait for Christmastime when I add holiday pillows and small decorations... it doesn't take much! :-) Just to give you an idea of what we were starting with... here's a before photo of the bedroom when we moved in! First thing I did the morning after we moved in was rip all the old trim off and take off the old dirty looking outlet covers. Wh


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