Flower Truck Pitstop!

Yesterday we were in the 12 South area working and I just couldn't pass up a chance to grab a bouquet from Amelia's Flower Truck!! That little truck has become one of my favorite Nashville hotspots! I've found myself ordering online from Forever 21 for accessories like this choker and simple necessities or undergarments because their stuff is so adorable and super inexpensive!! Romper: Vici Collection | Choker: Forever 21 | Flowers: Amelia's Flower Truck Photo Credit: Bethany Long Photography

FAV Spring/Summer Shoe

Here it is! And I wouldn't say that unless I TOTALLY meant it! When I first got them it took a minute to break them in (just like any brand new genuine leather shoe) but now that they're broke in I wear them with everything. Most days I'm in a romper or overalls but on Sundays or on a date night when I wear a breezy dress, these are still my go-to bootie! They match EVERYTHING!! Speaking of rompers, I snagged this one at Earthbound for our Mexican vacation and I'm slightly jealous because it's on sale for $22 and I paid full price!! :-O But I did get these earrings on sale at Target so I can't complain too bad! :-P Anyway!! Just thought I'd tell you in case you hadn't found a great transitio

Stripes & Lace

One of my favorite outfits for our Mexico trip was this one right here!! This off the shoulder top is so comfy and on trend. I love lace so lace AND stripes? Yes please!! I'm going to be honest, the shorts are awesome but I ordered them a size too small!! :-/ And Vici is great about returns but I fell in love with them before I realized I needed a size up so I've had to make do with the whole hair tie around the button idea to make them work. Now on an entirely different note... THESE SHOES!!!! :-D Yes, I know, they're adorable. They're a pastel lavender/pink which makes me SO happy because they match up to anything Spring!! If I wear white, they're great. If I wear pink, they almost look pi


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