ALL the Spring Feels!

With Easter just a couple short weeks away I thought I'd share this beautiful maxi dress with you!! This year I'll be out of the country for Easter, Lord willing, having Easter Sunday on the beach with the love of my life! ;-) So if I slip on my Easter dress it's probably just going to be for a moment and then back to soaking up the sunshine!! But if I were going to our traditional Easter Sunday service as usual, this would be my pick!! I love the almost sheer long sleeves, especially for these spring days when we're not really sure what to expect from the weather. The print is so dramatic and it's hard to tell in the photos but the dress has a mint green hue to it. So pretty in person. And

Birthday Boy Turns THREE!!!

HE'S THREE!!!!! Ahhhh I was in tears this morning remembering when he was born and the very first time I held him and looked into his eyes!! How the years fly by!! He's so much like his daddy!! From the way he wakes up first thing in the morning ready to start his day to his BIG smile and the way he walks. ;-) Right this moment he's still in bed but there are birthday BROWNIES (yes, brownies for breakfast :-/) on the stove waiting for him and a BIG DAY of fun ahead!!! :-D First things first, we'll hit the park. A few weeks ago we went to Monkey Joe's for an afternoon and he was in heaven so we'll be doing that and if daddy can get a break in work we'll hit the zoo and see all the animals!! <

Life Outside Our Screens

Today this quote popped up at the perfect time as I was thinking of a title for my post: "Life is happening right now, outside your screens" I'm so guilty of getting lost in whatever is happening in the screen that I miss what's going on right in front of me and all around me! It doesn't even have to be a screen though, we can be thinking of all the things we have to do tomorrow or dwelling on what has happened in the past that we miss out on right now. There are so many little miracles, so many God moments in our everyday life and I want to encourage you as I remind myself today to be present and breathe in the life that's happening outside of our screens. So here are a few things I do to h

A Weekend in Kentucky

With two and a half days to enjoy - I opted for less time on the road and more time relaxing! My parents live in Kentucky so it just made sense to let the boys spend the weekend with grandpa, grandma, aunt and uncles while I took Brandon on a little romantic surprise. :-) Our first night was at Maple Hill Manor Bed & Breakfast in Springfield, Kentucky! Maple Hill Manor is such a beautiful, peaceful B&B - it's impossible to be stressed on a farm like this! We stayed in "The Honeymoon Suite" and in the morning we took a walk out to see the Llama and Alpaca's. Breakfast was a wonderful spread that looked like it took hours to prepare! But our sweet Inn keeper told me her secrets and shared some


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