Counting Down the Days

This time of year always has me wishing for Spring!! I enjoy all the seasons but Spring is my favorite because it's always full of new beginnings - at least for me it has been! :-) Not to mention that Brandon, Kasen and I all share birthdays within 10 days of each other and after that comes our 4 year Anniversary this April 11th!! <3 We moved our trip to Mexico from February to April to double as an Anniversary trip since we have been busy with the home buying process this month! So in the meantime I'll probably be putting on as many Spring dresses and floral skirts as I can to help welcome the warm weather and sunshine!! ;-) Just warning ya! I guess that would also explain why I love rain s

Grandma's Closet

Yes, believe it or not this piece came from my grandma's closet!! :-) Now if that doesn't tell you something about her spunky personality and bright spirit, I don't know what will! It was probably about 12 years ago when she took me up to her bedroom and pulled this out of the closet along with a deep green, velvet clutch that I'll share on the blog some other time. She and Grandpa used to go square dancing together but it wasn't long after his knee surgeries that dancing days were over. This was one of her square dancing skirts and Lord knows I wasn't about to start square dancing so I tucked it away in my closet, afraid to wear it or get it dirty! I recently came across it and thought I wo


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