Best Christmas Yet!

We were so anxious to get in the living room and start opening gifts with the boys this year! This was our first Christmas we decided not to travel and start our own family traditions. I don't think I've ever seen Brandon SO excited about Christmas! He was like a kid on Christmas Eve as I was cooking in the kitchen going, "Hey so what do you think about letting them open their BIG present tonight?!" Of course I said, "What?! No way!! Only stockings tonight!!" LOL!! That's because their "big gift" was a motorized John Deere tractor and we knew they were going to be beside themselves when they realized it would go with just the push of a pedal!! So Christmas Eve was stockings and they each got

A Cabin Getaway

Sometimes all you need is a few days away to relax, rejuvenate and re-focus! Sometimes it takes planning a vacation to actually make that happen so we planned a trip to Gatlinburg months ago so we could have some time to just be together without all the distractions we have at home. Little did we know a fire would break out in the mountains just 2 weeks before our scheduled vacation!! When we called to see if we would still be able to keep our reservations, we learned that the roof of the cabin we had rented was affected by the fires. :-( Elk Springs Resort quickly remedied the situation by offering to move transfer our reservation to a gorgeous cabin, valued at $100 more per night, for no a


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